City Improperly Ordered Lieutenant To Lower Sergeant’s Evaluation

Lieutenant Elizabeth Ibarra works for the Milwaukee Police Department. She currently serves as the Municipal Lock-Up Facility Administrator for Central Booking and supervises about nine sergeants who supervise about 50 officers. She supervised Sergeant Salvador Hernandez, and in September 2019 prepared his annual evaluation. She then gave him almost all 5’s, which was the highest number she could give, for a total score of 4.98. Both of them signed…

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Evaluation System Violates State Ticket Quota Law

The Policemen’s Benevolent Labor Committee represents police officers working for the City of Sparta, Illinois. On January 13, 2013, the City put into place a new performance evaluation policy. The policy used a system of monthly activity points to track and evaluate the performance of the Department’s officers. All full-time officers were required to meet the monthly activity points minimum. Some of the activities that produced points included issuing…

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Minnesota Employees Have Right To Hearings On Performance Evaluations

In a most unusual case, a unanimous Minnesota Supreme Court decided that a portion of Minnesota’s public records laws allows employees the right to a hearing to challenge some aspects of performance evaluations. The case involved Sergeant Todd Schwanke, who works for the Steele County Sheriff’s Office. Schwanke was dissatisfied with his 2011 performance evaluation, and wrote a letter to the County disputing several comments in the evaluation and…

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Minnesota Law Gives Employees Right To Hearing On Challenges To Evaluations

Minnesota has a statute known as the Government Data Practices Act. The Act allows an individual who is the “subject of government data” to contest the accuracy or completeness of the data. The Act allows an initial challenge to be filed with the governmental body possessing the data. If the individual is dissatisfied with the response, the challenge can be appealed to an administrative law judge with the Minnesota…

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