‘Do Not Call’ List Subject To Public Disclosure

On December 3, 2019, Marilyn Mosby, the State Attorney for Baltimore, publicly informed members of the State Commission to Restore Trust in Policing that her office maintained a list of 305 officers with what she described as “credibility issues.” Mosby believed that these officers had, in some way, compromised their credibility such that Mosby determined the officers’ status “put them in jeopardy from testifying.” The existence of this “do…

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Disciplinary Arbitration Decision May Be Subject To Public Disclosure

New Hampshire’s public records act is known as the “Right-to-Know Law.” For many years, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has held that the “internal personnel practices” exception in the Law shielded disciplinary arbitration decisions from disclosure. In May 2020, the Court changed its mind. The new case involved the 2015 termination of City of Portsmouth police officer Aaron Goodwin. The charges against Goodwin related to his relationship with the…

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Court Grants Inmate’s Request For In Camera Inspection Of Officer’s Personnel File

Jeremy Goodman is an inmate at California State Prison-Solano. He was involved in an incident with Correctional Officer J. Johnson. During a search, Goodman resisted Johnson. As a result of the incident, Goodman was criminally charged with battery on a non-prisoner, possession of heroin in jail, and resisting an executive officer. In his criminal case, Goodman brought what is known in California as a Pitchess motion. A Pitchess motion…

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