Patronage Allowed In Missouri Sheriff Departments

After Sheriff Joey Kyle resigned from the Christian County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office following his guilty plea for violating federal law, four candidates ran for sheriff in the general election, including Brad Cole (Republican candidate) and Keith Mills (Independent candidate). Mills was the only candidate who was employed by the Sheriff’s Office. Between Kyle’s resignation and the election, Dwight McNiel served as the interim sheriff. As the only internal candidate,…

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In Some Parts Of The Country, Patronage Is Still Legal

Though it seems like an anomaly in many places, in some areas of the country political patronage systems still exist. In such systems, employees can be discharged because of their political affiliations or activities. While the areas of the country where patronage systems exist are few and are shrinking, they still do exist. Mallory Jones and Troy Moses, deputy marshals of the Civil and Magistrate Courts of Richmond County,…

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Political Patronage For Deputies Not Legal In Missouri

It may seem strange to those in states with collective bargaining, but political patronage systems for deputy sheriffs still exist in parts of the country. In a patronage system, deputy sheriffs can be hired or fired on the basis of political loyalty to the sheriff. Most patronage systems are in agencies located in the South or in non-unionized Midwest states. The case of Missouri deputy sheriff Gary Klossing illustrates…

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