Pre-Employment Polygraph Disclosable In Spite Of Public Records Act

Tye Sheats works as a police officer for the East Wenatchee police department in Douglas County, Washington. In 2016, he applied for an opening at the Wenatchee police department in Chelan County. As part of the application process, he submitted to a polygraph test. During the test, Sheats admitted to numerous wrongdoings between 2000 and 2016, including several incidents of theft and dishonesty. On June 2, 2017, and pursuant…

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Charge Of Interfering With Polygraph Not Barred By Bill Of Rights

A police officer for Montgomery County, Maryland, identified only as John Doe, was investigated for soliciting sexual activity from a cashier in a retail establishment in October 2015. As part of the Department’s investigation, Doe was ordered to submit to a polygraph examination, something allowable under Maryland law. The Department concluded that during the polygraph test, Doe engaged in counter measures designed to subvert the test. His behavior persisted…

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Polygraph Examination Is An ‘Interrogation’ Covered By Bill Of Rights

Davin Miller is a police officer with the City of Gonzales, Louisiana. Miller was the subject of an internal investigation stemming from an alleged off-duty altercation with his wife and her father. The Police Chief interviewed Miller on August 15, 2013. After the interview, the Chief ordered Miller to take a polygraph examination, which was administered by a special agent of the United States Secret Service. The Chief later…

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Polygraph Evidence Properly Excluded In Officer’s Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Robert Piel worked for the Federal Way, Washington Police Department for nearly 11 years, as an officer and then as a lieutenant. In May 2006, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick terminated Piel for misconduct when Piel directed a subordinate officer to release a firefighter detained on suspicion of drunk driving. Piel successfully grieved his termination through arbitration. He contended the Department lacked just cause to terminate him and that his termination…

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In Polygraph Case, Lieutenant Retains Most Of Multi-Million Dollar Judgment Against City

Dan Dixon was a lieutenant with the City of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Police Department. In December 2008, allegations were made that Dixon had falsified timekeeping records and intentionally violated a subordinate officer’s rights under a labor agreement. In January 2009, the City began an internal investigation into these allegations. As part of the investigation, and pursuant to City policy and Dixon’s employment agreement, Dixon submitted to two independent polygraph…

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Polygraph Not Admissible In Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit Filed In Federal Court

Dan Dixon was employed as a lieutenant by the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Police Department. In June 2009, at the conclusion of an internal department investigation into allegations that Dixon had falsified timekeeping records and manipulated a subordinate officer’s work schedule, the Police Chief recommended that Dixon’s employment be terminated by the City. On June 24, 2009, following a pre-termination hearing, the City’s Personnel Officer determined that in lieu of…

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Sergeant Has No Constitutional Right To Be Given A Polygraph

George Emigh was employed as a sergeant by the Pennsylvania State Police. Emigh was the subject of a sexual misconduct complaint filed by a judge alleging that he engaged in inappropriate conduct towards her during a private party. The Department sustained some of the charges against him, and informed Emigh that he had the right to have his case heard by an arbitrator or by a court marshal. Emigh…

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