Garrity Warning Need Not Include Decertification Possibility

Charles Hoffman worked as a po­lice officer for the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office in Utah. In May 2018, Hoffman learned that a neighboring law enforcement agency had been tasked with investigating an incident involving one of his fellow officers. Hoffman was not on good terms with the officer involved and, despite being prohibited from doing so, approached several officers from the neighboring agency and asked them about the…

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Chief Ordered To Sign POST Waiver

Lieutenant Mark Wheeler has worked for the Shreveport Police Department for over 25 years. In September of 2015, Wheeler had to have surgery on his feet, requiring him to take sick leave. He expected to be back to work in six weeks, but complications from the surgery occurred. He was out on leave until March 30, 2016. Just before his leave ended in March, he was medically cleared to…

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‘Repayment Of Training Costs’ Contract May Be Invalid

The Los Angeles Police Department requires that all newly hired police officers attend and graduate from the Los Angeles Police Academy. In the early 1990s, the City realized that many officers who graduated from the academy were leaving within a few years to join other law enforcement agencies. The City sought to find a way to curtail the attrition by enacting Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 4.1700, which provides…

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Police Standards Board Not Bound By Arbitrator’s Decision

Lance Parcell was an officer in the Airport Police and Fire Department of the Alaska Department of Transportation. On May 5, 2006, while on a training assignment, Parcell and two other training officers went to a bar in Sitka and Parcell became extremely intoxicated. While at the bar, Parcell slid toward a female officer on a couch and made inappropriate sexual remarks, telling her “that he wanted to make…

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