No Basis To Overturn Arbitrator’s Decision Reinstating Corrections Officer

Ronald James, a corrections offi­cer with Berks County, Pennsylvania, was seated at a desk in the common hall of the prison’s E-Unit when he ob­served an inmate attempting to cover the cell door window with a towel in violation of safety regulations. James opened the cell door electronically from a control panel so that he could direct the inmate to take down the towel. The inmate came out of…

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‘Shy Bladder’ Lead s To Firefighter’s Reinstatement

Roy Neely worked as a firefighter for the New Orleans Fire Department. On September 1, 2020, Neely struck an overhead door as he was driving a rescue unit vehicle out of Fire Station 7. Neely’s District Chief ordered a post-ac­cident substance abuse test. The test was administered by Jeffrey Mendler, the owner of Toxicology and Drug Analysis Laboratory (TDAL), which contracts with the City of New Orleans to provide…

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Reinstatement Ordered For Fire Association President

Cliff Snider is a firefighter with the city of Pasadena, California. In 2009, and then again from 2011 forward, Snider was the president of the Pasadena Firefighters’ Association. In October 2014, Snider injured his back while trying to lift a patient during an emergency call. Although Snider initially felt well enough to remain on duty, he soon suffered a severe back spasm that required him to visit the emergency…

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Civil Service Orders Reinstatement Of Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks

On June 12, 2020, Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe and another offi­cer were called to a Wendy’s restaurant to deal with Rayshard Brooks, who had fallen asleep in his car in the drive-through lane. The officers questioned Brooks for a half hour and conducted field sobriety tests. As the officers moved to handcuff Brooks, Brooks grabbed the Taser of one of the officers and began running away. Rolfe chased…

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Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Opinion Reinstating Corrections Officer

Andrew Ruffner began his employment as a corrections officer trainee at the Allegheny County Jail in May 2016. As part of the corrections officer trainee program, Ruffner received mandatory training in CPR and First Aid skills. Ruffner became a full-time corrections officer in April 2017 and was represented by the Allegheny County Prison Employees Independent Union. As a relatively new corrections officer, Ruffner was a “floater,” meaning that he…

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Reinstatement Ordered For Firefighter Terminated For ‘Moral Character’

To become a City of Plainfield firefighter in New Jersey, applicants are required to prove residency. Christopher D’Amico submitted several documents supporting his Plainfield residency, including a roller hockey alliance insurance card. D’Amico modified the card to include his actual residential address in Plainfield. According to D’Amico, he revised the card because he did not have additional proof of residency when he was asked for further documentation as part…

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