Officer’s Lawyer Required To Pay $66k In Fees To City

The Village of Orland Park, Illinois fired Officer Joseph McGreal after he spoke at a November 2009 Village board meeting. At the meeting, he suggested several solutions to a budgetary shortfall facing the Village. McGreal’s recommendations would have protected junior officers from layoffs by eliminating benefits enjoyed by more senior officers. McGreal believed that these suggestions motivated his June 2010 termination; however, the Village contended that it fired McGreal…

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What Does ‘Substantial’ Evidence Mean?

Public safety employees around the country appeal discipline in a variety of ways. In the 32 states with statewide collective bargaining laws, the primary appeal route for discipline is through arbitration, though in some jurisdictions, appeals are through a civil service board or police/fire commission. In the 18 states without statewide bargaining, public safety employees are often “at will” employees with no ability to challenge discipline; in other cases,…

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