Fire Department’s Tattoo Policy Upheld

When Corey Matchem took and passed the written portion of the civil service examination and the entry-level physical examination for the position of firefighter, his name was placed on the firefighter eligible list established by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division (HRD). The HRD acts as the testing agent and clearing house for most Massachusetts public safety employees. The HRD later authorized the City of Brockton to appoint ten firefighters…

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Q & A

From Illinois:Question: We are updating our tattoo policy and I have been researching any cases that address covering of off-duty tattoos that are offensive, due to being gang-related, sexually suggestive, vulgar, advocate racial, ethnic, religious or sexual hatred or discrimination. This would be for officers that clearly are a representative of a police department (i.e., a subject cutting his grass shirtless, off duty, with a squad car in the…

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Tattoo Policy Ruled Non-Negotiable

From 1988 to the summer of 2016, the City of Philadelphia did not have a policy regulating or restricting tattoos for police officers applying for a position with or during their tenure as officers for the City. During the summer of 2016, the Democratic National Convention was held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. During the Convention, a protestor posted on social media that they were offended by a bicycle…

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