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From Arizona Question: During an Administrative Investigation, can an employee of equal rank question you? (i.e., a police sergeant interview a police sergeant). Answer: Unless there’s a provision in a collective bargaining agreement or local law to the contrary, we know of no prohibition on individuals performing internal affairs investigations on other employees of equal rank. From California Question: Can a department prohibit its officers from going to Hooters…

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Officer Cannot Grow As Long A Beard As He Wants

Kenneth Wallace began working for the Philadelphia Police Department in December 1996. He became a practicing Muslim in 1998; in May 2003, Wallace submitted a memorandum to his supervisor in which he indicated that he would begin to wear a beard in observance of his religious beliefs. Beginning in 1999, the Department implemented Directive 78, an internal policy which set forth the Department’s requirements and prohibitions for all police…

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Uniform Allowance Not Counted In Retirement Calculation

Corrections officers working for Suffolk County, Massachusetts are eligible to receive holiday pay, a fitness bonus, a uniform allowance, longevity pay, and an educational differential in addition to their normal salary. When Robert O’Brien suffered disabling injuries in the course of his employment, the Appeals Court of Massachusetts had to decide which of these payments were properly included in the pension contribution. Owing largely to a string of earlier…

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