Vaccines And Employment Law

Many public employers are exploring or have implemented requirements that public safety employees provide proof of vaccination and, absent such proof, sub­mit to periodic COVID-19 testing. Some employers are simply mandating that all employees be vaccinated. The result has been a barrage of questions from employees as to the legality of these types of orders. In FAQ format, here’s LRIS’s take on the most common questions. Don’t employees have…

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Federal Court Allows Mandatory Vaccinations

On April 1, 2021, Houston Methodist Hospital announced a policy requiring all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by June 7, 2021. Jennifer Bridges and 116 fellow employees sued, raising a series of claims in attempting to overturn the mandatory vaccination rule. Federal Court Judge Lynn Hughes rejected the lawsuit. The employees focused on a claim that as the COVID-19 vaccines were “experimental and dangerous,” Texas law prohibited compulsory…

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Lawsuit Filed Challenging Mandatory Vaccination Of Corrections Employees

The general thinking has been that public safety employers have the right to impose mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19 assuming: (1) that they discharge any obligation to collectively bargain over such a program; and (2) make reasonable accommodations for employees objecting to vaccination on religious or disability grounds. A lawsuit filed several weeks ago challenges those assumptions and argues that a mandatory vaccination program violates an entirely different set of…

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