‘No-Holds-Barred Meeting’ Leads To PTSD Claim

Allison Shuff is a police officer for the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On January 6, 2016, Shuff filed a workers’ compensation claim alleging that she suffered an injury in the form of depression and PTSD based on two incidents that occurred in the course and scope of her employment. Both incidents involved Shuff’s fail­ure to use a taser on alleged perpetrators. Following the second incident, a meeting was held…

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‘Gag Order’ On Union President Ruled Illegal

The Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers’ Association represents correctional employees of Santa Clara County, California. Sergeant Lance Scimeca is the president of the Association. Beginning in September 2015, news outlets reported that inmate Michael Tyree had allegedly been beaten to death by correctional deputies. In response to these news reports, Sheriff Laurie Smith gave a press conference. Scimeca later testified that he and other Association members believed that…

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