Firefighters Union President Files Ethics Complaint Against Tallahassee City Manager

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – The president of the Tallahassee Professional Firefighters union has filed an ethics complaint against Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad.

Joey Davis — a lieutenant paramedic and 11-year veteran of the Tallahassee Fire Department — filed the complaint with Florida’s Commission on Ethics on Wednesday.

Davis claims Goad used “bully tactics” and told fire department supervisors if Davis didn’t back off his request for copies of city records, it “would not be good for anyone.”

The ethics complaint says soon after Goad proposed a $1 million cut to the TFD budget, Davis made a public records request for documents pertaining to the city’s Fire Services Fee.

Davis says he filed that request on April 19 and filed a second request a month later on May 21.

Davis’s complaint contends within days, he was called in for a meeting with Fire Chief Jerome Gaines, Deputy Chief Eugene Sanders and Battalion Chief Byron Meadows. The complaint claims “the City Manager had directed (the chief) to “bring me in and tell (me) to stand down.”

Davis added that the city manager told him if he did not back off it “would not be good for anyone.”

Davis claims that since then Goad has reached out to meet with him but “was adamant that there would be no attorneys allowed nor recording of the meeting.”