First Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Featured in this month’s podcast:

    A discussion of stories in the news

  • The Financial Crisis In Detroit
  • Chicago Police Negotiations Ratchet Up Even One More Notch
  • Another Michigan City Considering Hybrid police and fire department
  • New Residency Requirement For New Orleans Police Officers
  • As New Orleans PD Hits Historic Low Staffing, Response Time To Emergencies Up To 14.5 Minutes
    An analysis of recent court cases and arbitration decisions

  • Off Duty ‘Rough Sex’ Leads To Officers Termination
  • Hair Test For Drugs Not Reliable Enough To Be Sole Basis For Termination
  • Arbitrator (Barely) Overturns Discharge In Facebook Case
  • The Evidence Necessary For A ‘Pretext’ Claim
  • Floridas Workers Comp System Violates Firefighters Right To ‘Natural Justice’
  • Sexual Comments Alone Often Not Enough For Harassment Claim
  • Employer Did Not Intend To Harm During Taser Training
  • Court Upholds Arbitration Opinion Overturning Officer’s Discharge
    New labor agreements and economic news

  • Bakersfield, California Police
  • Hartford, Connecticut Police
  • Lincoln, Nebraska Fire
  • New Haven, Connecticut Police
  • Albany, New York Police Supervisors
  • Sioux City, Iowa Police
  • The latest CPI figures