First Thursday, September 2013

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Featured in this month’s podcast:

  • Union blasts proposed $3m settlement in lawsuit over fitness test
  • Updated definition of “spouse” under the FMLA from the Department of Labor
  • Names of officers in UC Davis pepper spray incident must be disclosed
  • Recent contract signings
  • A crack in the Garcetti armor?
  • Miami allowed to reduce wages, eliminate benefits, and modify pensions
  • Q&A on participation in an IA task force
  • Performance evaluation challenges may require hearings in Minnesota
  • GPS tracking does not require a warrant
  • New York’s residency requirement can lawfully exempt police but not deputies
  • Termination for on-duty drinking ‘shocks sense of fairness’
  • Connecticut and public policy
  • The importance of how a grievance procedure is worded
  • Officer’s off-duty drowning held job-related