First Thursday, October 2016

The following cases are covered in this month’s podcast:

  • Fire Captain Discharged For Refusing To Stop Using Department Email For Religious Messages, Sprague v. Spokane Valley Fire Department, 2016 WL 5239627 (Wash. App. 2016)
  • Polygraph Examination Is An ‘Interrogation’ Covered By Bill Of Rights, Miller v. City of Gonzales, 2016 WL 4563729 (La. App. 2016)
  • Police Board Can Increase Disciplinary Penalty, Lesner v. Police Board, 2016 IL App (1st) 150545 (Ill. App. 2016)
  • ‘Entire Agreement’ Proposal Not Mandatory For Bargaining, Village of Skokie, 2016 WL 4036275 (Ill. LRB Gen. Coun. 2016)
  • Firefighter Loses ADA Claim To Former Position, Adair v. City of Muskogee, 823 F.3d 1297 (10th Cir. 2016)