LRIS Podcast

First Thursday, September 2018

This month’s cases:

  • FOP’s Attempt To Intervene In Consent Decree Case Untimely, State of Illinois v. City of Chicago, 2018 WL 3920816 (N.D. Ill. 2018).
  • Citizen’s Initiative Cannot Be An End-Run Around The Bargaining Process, Boling v. PERB, 2018 WL 3654148 (Cal. 2018).
  • Supreme Court Narrows Cell Phone Searches Even Further, Carpenter v. United States, 585 U.S. ____ (2018).
  • No Violation Of Public Policy To Reinstate Officer Guilty Of Poor Performance, City of Crystal Lake v. Metropolitan Alliance of Police, 2018 Il. App.2d 170192-U (Ill App. 2018).