First Thursday, September 2019

Update: The fallout from the Plain View Project. The Plain View Project is run by a Philadelphia attorney who seeks to reveal the identity of law enforcement officers in eight jurisdictions who post what the attorney deems as sexist, racist or other unsuitable messages on Facebook.


Employer Must Provide Information Before, Not After, Loudermill Hearing, Town of Auburn, 2019 WL 3574289 (MA LRC ALJ 2019)

Personality Traits Not Protected By ADA, Donley v. Village of Yorkville, 2019 WL 3817054 (N.D.N.Y. 2019)

Trooper’s Garrity Rights Violated, State of Nebraska v. Kober, 2019 WL 3215942 (Neb. App. 2019)

In Some Parts Of The Country, Patronage Is Still Legal, Jones v. Lamkin, 2019 WL 3183635 (11th Cir. 2019)