Ten Rules For Police Officer Social Media Posts

  • Introduction (00:05:43)
  • The Rules
    1. Your First Amendment rights are very limited. (00:07:04)
    2. Just because something is an Internet meme doesn’t mean you can post it. (00:08:40)
    3. Nothing you post online is truly private. Check your privacy settings. But remember nothing you post is truly private. (00:09:41)
    4. Before posting, ask yourself: if my employer receives a complaint about what I’m going to post, how will it react? If the answer is “not so well” or “they’ll start a disciplinary investigation,” is the post really worth it? (00:10:18)
    5. Be positive with your posts, not negative and critical. (00:10:48)
    6. If you have the slightest doubt about whether to post something, sleep on it. Ask a fellow officer, one you think of as responsible and serious, what he/she thinks. (00:11:27)
    7. Think: Who are your “friend.” (00:12:35)
    8. Ask yourself – can someone figure out that I’m a police officer from my social media profile or my prior posts? (00:13:20)
    9. Your credibility can be called into question by what you’ve posted online. (00:14:14)
    10. Think about your job, your family, and your safety. (00:14:52)

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