Duck: The Police

First Thursday, December 2023

This month’s cases:

Cell Phone Warrant Of Officer’s Phone Too Broad, Commonwealth v. Sukhadia, 2023 WL 7409309 (Penn. Super. 2023).

Township Violates Free Speech Rights By Banning Thin Blue Line Flag, Pennsylvania State Lodge v. Township of Springfield, 2023 WL 7547494 (E.D. Penn. 2023).

Firefighter’s Union Loses Challenge to Arbitrator’s Opinion, Tamburo v. City of Stamford, 2023 WL 7540719 (Conn. Super. 2023).

Union President Can Waive Union’s Bargaining Rights, City of Methuen, 2023 WL 7184541 (MA LRC 2023).

A special Christmas offering:

Duck: The Police