Richard Poulson

First Thursday, April 2024

Welcome Rick Poulson to the LRIS First Thursday Podcast!

April’s First Thursday podcast is a special two-person affair as LRIS Executive Director, Rick Poulson, joins Will as cohost. Rick talks about his background, how he became a labor attorney, and helps Will break down this months cases.


Burden Of Proof Is On Employer To Prove No Materials From Compelled Statement Used In Criminal Case, State v. Flynn, 2024 WL 1112046 (Ohio App. 2024).
Related case: State v. Jackson.

Arbitration Award Upheld, Granting Disability Benefits To CO Who Fell Asleep While Driving During Mandated Overtime Shift, Department of Corrections v. Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, No. 1201 C.D. 2022, 2024 WL 171905 (Pa. Commw. Ct.).