Lance LoRusso

First Thursday, May 2024

Rick Poulson interviews attorney Lance LoRusso, founder of the Blue Line Institute. They discuss Lance’s background as a sworn police officer and a police attorney, as well as the current challenges facing police officers and their advocates.

This month’s cases:

Court Reverses Decision Granting Retired Firefighters Retroactive Pension Adjustments, Stiegler v. City of Meriden, 348 Conn. 452 (Conn. 2024).

Mandatory DEI Training Did Not Create Unlawful Hostile Work Environment, Young v. Colorado Department of Corrections, 2024 WL 1040625 (10th Cir. March 11, 2024).

An update on mandatory vaccine policies:

  • Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905).
  • County Lawfully Reassigned Unvaccinated Deputy Sheriffs in Order to Meet Contractual Obligations, In the Matter of Albany County Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association, Local 3872, Council 82, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Charging Party, and County of Albany and Albany County Sheriff, Respondent., 57 PERB ¶ 3001 (Pub. Emp. Rel. Bd. N.Y. Jan. 16, 2024).

LEOSA Trumps More Restrictive NJ Statute Limiting Retired Officers’ Carry Rights, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association v. New Jersey, No. 22-2209, 2024 WL 607340 (3d Cir. Feb. 14, 2024).