Dave Gaba

First Thursday, July 2024

LRIS recently lost a member of our extended family. Arbitrator Dave Gaba, a frequent LRIS seminar speaker and co-author of the book Interest Arbitration passed away last month. We extend our sincerest condolences to Dave’s family and friends.

Rick Poulson interviewed Arbitrator Michael Loconto for this month’s podcast. Michael was Dave’s friend and mentee. He and Rick talk about Dave in the interview, which was recorded prior to Dave’s passing.

This month’s cases:

Court Rules Sharing Unsubstantiated Rumors About Coworkers Does Not Violate Public Policy, Town of Plympton vs. Plympton Police Association MassCop Local 276, June 7, 2024

Firefighter’s Failure to Meet Mandatory Reporting Requirements Not Sufficient To Vacate Award of Reinstatement, Portland Firefighters Local 43 vs. City of Portland, 2024 WL 2933064 (OR ERB)

Prison Committed ULP By Refusing to Provide Staffing Guidelines Requested By Union, Federal Bureau Of Prisons Federal Correctional Institution Cumberland, Maryland Respondent And American Federation Of Government Employees, Local 4010, 2024 WL 2860890 (F.L.R.A.)