Police, Race, and Deadly Force – What Are The Facts?

A 90-minute webinar on how race impacts a police officer’s use of deadly force.

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At the heart of the police reform protests has been the notion that police are either motivated or impacted by racism in the decision to use deadly force, but what are the facts? Will Aitchison spent weeks trying to learn as much as possible about police, deadly force, and race, and this webinar is a result of that research.


• During the 90-minute Webinar, he’ll discuss:

• How does the national narrative on police deadly force compare with facts?

• The lack of national reporting on the police use of deadly force.

• The sources for information about deadly force.

• What does the data show about officer-involved shooting by race?

• Mental health issues and police shootings.

• The data on police contacts with civilians.

• The dynamics of an officer-involved shooting.

• Implicit bias.


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