Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley To Lose Half His Bodyguards

CHICAGO &#8211 Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife will have to make due with half as many city-paid bodyguards as they’re used to. Current mayor Rahm Emanuel is cutting the security detail from six to three police officers.

FOP President Mike Shields doesn’t think Emanuel has gone far enough. Because of a hiring slow down, the city is almost 2,300 officers below full strength, and Shields doesn’t believe there are any spare officers to use protecting a retired mayor.

“Will the remaining detail still be making trips to the Daley summer home in Michigan? At some point, Chicago needs to stop treating politicians like royalty. Mayor Daley is a very wealthy man who can afford his own valet service. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it,” Shields said.

“Whether it’s 10 or six or three [Daley bodyguards], it’s too many. CPD is down 2,000 officers. We can use every available officer out in the field.”

From The Chicago Sun-Times.

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