FOP Files To Have Police Union Election Nullified

BAY CITY, MI &#8211 The Fraternal Order of Police is not ready to say goodbye to the Bay City police officers. The members of the Bay City PD’s patrol union voted to change representation from the FOP to the Police Officers Association of Michigan, but the FOP has filed an unfair labor practice claim with the state Employment Relations Commission seeking to nullify the election.

“If the union wants to switch sides, and I understand that happens, there is a procedure that has to happen, said John Buczek, executive director of the FOP. “POAM didn’t follow (state) rules in this sham election. They claim it was unanimous, but at least two members didn’t get contacted to vote. A lot of things don’t pass the smell test.”

Union president Pat Lochinski said the slow pace of contract negations was the reason behind the move. He said everything was done by the book and is certain the election results will be upheld.

“We’re feeling confident,” he said. “We did this the same way when we switched to FOP (two years ago). Hopefully, we can get this behind us and get back to the table.”

From The Bay City Times.

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