Sheboygan mayor faces recall

SHEBOYGAN, WI &#8211 One fun-loving mayor’s good times may be soon coming to a halt.

Bob Ryan, mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is facing a recall on Tuesday after a string of alcohol-fueled incidents.

Last year, Ryan faced intense criticism and a possible investigation over a three-day drinking binge during which he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman and got into a fight. He was even photographed after passing out at a bar.

He also took heat after a 2009 video surfaced, allegedly showing him drunkenly bragging about his sister-in-law’s sexual skills.

Ryan has been open about his issues with alcohol, telling the Sheboygan Press that “I don’t fight alcoholism, I live with it.” Still, he insists that his personal problems have not affected his work, citing a long list of accomplishments as proof.

“I personally do not feel there is any better candidate out there than me,” he said.

The town’s residents are less confident about his abilities. Some say that his actions have embarrassed the community and they’re ready for change.

Ryan’s term was set to end in 2013, but if one of the other 7 challengers (including an 18-year-old) are victorious, they’ll take over during the remaining year.

Here’s the Today Show on Tuesday’s recall.

From The Huffington Post.

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