Trouble In the New Haven Police Department

NEW HAVEN, CT &#8211 It’s the New Haven Police Union vs. New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman.

Esserman has only been on the job for seven months, but members of the Police Union said he has brought the morale down so low that many officers are leaving.

The police union is not holding much back when it comes to Esserman.

Union representatives said in the past month two officers and two detectives chose to retire rather than stay with he New Haven Police Department.

In a letter posted around the New Haven Police Department, Esserman is called a bully and claims he has poor leadership qualities.

“To call yourself a cop and to place yourself in the same category as members of this department is a disgrace,” read one line of the letter.

Another part of the letter makes a shocking claim regarding women in the department.

“Another complaint we have received has come from female police members of this Union as you attempt to harass and embarrass them during your daily encounters with them,” read the letter.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News spoke with the union member who wrote the letter off camera.

When Eyewitness News asked him about this potentially damaging accusation, he did backtrack to say the chief didn’t harass but intimidated female officers.

The Union proposed a vote of no confidence against Esserman, but it was voted down by officers.


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