NYPBA President Calls For Ban On Assault Weapons

NEW YORK, NY &#8211 The head of the NYPD’s largest police union yesterday called for an ”absolute ban” on assault weapons — except for cops and members of the military.

“There is no legitimate reason for an assault weapon with their high capacity magazines to ever be in the hands of a private citizen,” said Pat Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. “We’ve said it before, when police officers were shot or where armor piercing bullets were used.

“There’s no reason for anybody to have those type of weapons,” he added.

Lynch’s comments echoed those of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Lynch said the mass shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School could — and should — prove to be the watershed incident that prompts an assault weapons ban and tighter gun restrictions.

“Will it happen?” he asked. “Time will tell. This is about life and death, for the children obviously, and for police officers.”

From The New York Daily News

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