When Pennsylvania City Loses Second Chief In Months, FOP Asks Mayor To Step Down

WASHINGTON, PA &#8211 Officials in the city of Washington are looking for a new acting police chief after the last one suddenly resigned Monday.

Robert Wilson said he sent a text message announcing his resignation to Mayor Brenda Davis.

Wilson told Channel 11 News he’s resigning because of frustrations with the mayor. His sudden retirement comes just months after former Chief Robert Lemons quit.

The Fraternal Order of Police President is asking the mayor to resign as department head.

Police officers said they’re being bullied and micromanaged, but the mayor said she isn’t respected because she’s a woman.

“It’s all over management style. The administration is not letting the police department be a police department,” former police Chief James Blyth said.

Mayor Davis claimed there was a female dummy with a wig placed in the police chief’s empty chair as recently as two weeks ago.

“If you want to talk about being bullied, I’m a female trying to be a part of the male process and unfortunately some people don’t welcome that,” Davis said.

Leaders with the Fraternal Order of Police had no comment about the alleged dummy incident.

From WPXI.com

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