Detroit Police Mistakenly Release Officers’ Bra Sizes

DETROIT, MI &#8211 A Detroit police commander mistakenly released the bra cup sizes of some female officers while sending out information regarding bulletproof vests.

“It was a clerical error where, basically at my urging, the commander sent out a list of members whose vests had been received,” Assistant Chief James White said Tuesday.

White said the list was sent a few weeks ago and contained the names of male and female officers. One of the pages, he said, contained female officers’ height, weight and cup sizes.

White said the list went to command officers who had members receiving vests and officers on the list.

“This was not done maliciously,” he said. “It was a clerical error. It is not the practice of the police department to share sensitive information of its members with other members of the organization.”

White said the incident was isolated, but also one that was “unfortunate and embarrassing … and we’re putting provisions in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

He said he hasn’t heard of officers being harassed as a result of the information being released, but that he believes a grievance has been filed. An official with the Detroit Police Officers Association could not be reached for comment.

White said a meeting with police unions is planned and that officials will meet with officers to apologize.

From The USA Today

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