Memphis Police Association Holds Job Fair For Its Members

MEMPHIS, TN &#8211 Some Memphis police officers are trying to hit the road out of town and their union is helping.

It’s a ‘take this job a shove it’ protest by officers unhappy with pay cuts and pension disputes at city hall.

The officers were among thousands of people at a job fair at Raleigh United Methodist Church Tuesday.

It is no secret the relationship between Memphis City leaders and officers who protect the city is strained. The head of the Memphis Police Association says the relationship has gotten so bad that many cops want to turn in their badge.

“We’re not an employment agency. We’re not trying to run officers off, but we are going to make sure they have opportunities they want,” MPA President Mike Williams said. “We are concerned about police officers.”

Williams said the city’s lack of loyalty is one of the reasons many MPD officers showed up at Tuesday’s job fair.

“Do officers want to leave because they’re attacking their pension? Do they want to leave because they’re taking their benefit days? Leave because they illegally took their money? Yes,” Williams said.

Of the 30 companies at Raleigh United Methodist Church, ten were law enforcement agencies.

“They asked us, as opposed to going other places to see if we can bring departments in here so that’s what we did,” Williams said. “We’re doing what we are supposed to be doing, what they asked us to do. This is their association, not the Mike Williams association.”

Williams said officers just want the city to treat them fairly.

“If they have a contract with Mitsubishi, they honor it. Electrolux, they honor it. But when it comes to employees serving the city there seems to be a problem,” Williams said.


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