Corrections Union Files Race Complaint Against Affirmative Action Officer, Alleges Racist And Derogatory Facebook Posts

NASSAU, NY – Nassau’s corrections union has filed a federal discrimination complaint against the county’s head affirmative action officer at the East Meadow jail, contending his public Facebook postings are racist, derogatory and incite violence against its members and law enforcement.

Included in the complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are copies of postings by Andreaus Guilty, a rap artist who is an $80,000-a-year affirmative action specialist at the jail. Guilty, who also has used the names Andre Emanuel and Andreaus 13, has duties that include investigating discrimination complaints.

The postings to his personal account include four-letter words and other expletives, refer to police as “crackers” and accuse them of “ethnic cleansing.”

John Jaronczyk, head of the Nassau County Correction Officers Benevolent Association, pointed to an Aug. 24 posting by Guilty that he said was specifically aimed at his 900 correction officers after they complained about his comments.

Guilty wrote, “Stop telling me about the stress officers go thru,” saying they shouldn’t seek the job if they’re “scared.” He called them people “that got bullied in high school,” and “want to be a steroid rage rambo. I don’t need steroid to beat . . . that knuckle up punk . . . ”

Jaronczyk, who said “knuckle up” is inmate slang for encouraging a fight, said such postings are inappropriate from a public employee whose duties include the investigation of complaints about discrimination and harassment based on race, creed, color, national origin and other legally protected characteristics. Newsday has edited Guilty’s postings.

In his complaint Friday to the federal EEOC, Jaronczyk wrote that Guilty’s comments “are racist, derogatory, incite and justify violence against the public and law enforcement, explain a preference for religion and otherwise insult me and other employees under his purview.”

He added, “Mr. Guilty is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that I and other officers receive fair and impartial treatment. The county cannot expect me or any of my fellow correction officers to go to a person who has,” made such Facebook postings.

Jaronczyk said he filed the federal complaint after he met with county managers twice and was told they could take no action against Guilty because he has First Amendment rights to free speech on his Facebook page.

County Attorney Carnell Foskey did not address specifics in the complaint, but said, “While everyone has the right to post almost anything on their own personal Facebook, my office will conduct a full investigation into this matter.”

Jaronczyk said leaving Guilty “in this position is a slap in the face to 900 law-abiding officers in that place. He created a hostile work environment.”

In an interview, Guilty said, “I don’t think I have any racist posts on my Facebook page.”

He added, “I think my personal life doesn’t affect my job life.”

Asked what he thought of the corrections officers’ complaints, he said, “I don’t have any thoughts about what they think.”

Guilty formed “Democrats for Mangano” before County Executive Edward Mangano first won office in 2009. Mangano, a Republican, was sworn in Jan. 4, 2010, and appointed Guilty to his county job that day. Mangano thanked Guilty, who then went by Andreaus 13, in his inauguration speech.

According to Newsday’s examination of Guilty’s Facebook posts and copies submitted in the federal filing, Guilty wrote on Dec. 3, “Police are protected by a system of white supremacy.”

On Nov. 26, he wrote “Dis not your country pale face.”

On Aug. 24, he referred to “Racist NYPD CRACKERS”.

On Aug. 18, he posted, “The Police in the US of A Carry out ethnic cleansing on African Americans every day and #ferguson is the prime example of how much white people hate us.”

Legis. Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport), the minority leader of the county legislator who banned Legis. Ellen Birnbaum earlier this year from the Democratic caucus after she made racially derogatory comments, called Guilty’s postings “awful.”

Abrahams said, “I don’t tolerate them. I don’t condone them. Mangano should take serious consideration of who he has working for him.”

EEOC communications staff director Kimberly Smith-Brown said the agency is “prohibited by law from confirming or denying the existence of discrimination charge filings, investigations, or administrative resolutions.”

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