Supreme Court: Pittsburgh Does Not Have To Pay On-Duty Police Same As Off-Duty Officers

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday denied the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 1’s appeal of a court ruling that said the City of Pittsburgh didn’t have to pay on-duty officers working special events the same rate as off-duty police hired for the same event.

In 2013, two officers filed grievances over the fact that when they were on duty and doing traffic details outside large events at Consol Energy Center, they were being paid less than officers who were off-duty but getting time-and-a-half pay to do the same job at the same events.

An arbitrator ruled in the officers’ favor, but the city appealed the ruling to the Court of Common Pleas, where Judge Robert Colville ruled for the city in March, 2013. The Commonwealth Court upheld Colville’s ruling, and on Monday, the Supreme Court denied the FOP’s petition for an appeal of that decision.

From The Pittsburgh Tribune

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