Filmmaker Urges Fans To Report Police Union Pres. For Cyber-Bullying

MIAMI, FL – Filmmaker Billy Corben has asked his thousands of fans to report the Miami Fraternal Order of Police Union president who blasted a woman’s actions on Facebook after she pulled over an officer for speeding.

Corben, best known for his Miami-centric documentaries, The U and The U Part 2, as well as Cocaine Cowboys, called on his more than 43,000 Twitter followers to report Javier Ortiz to Facebook.

Ortiz posted photos, a cellphone number and business card for Claudia Castillo, the woman who made headlines for pulling over an allegedly speeding Miami-Dade officer. That officer is not represented by the Miami FOP Union.

When Facebook took Ortiz’s business card post down, the union president put it right back up again.

From Ortiz’s inital post, Corben was poised to jump into the fight.

Since the postings, Castillo has been harassed both online and off.

She told CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald that she’s afraid of losing her job because of numerous calls received at work.

It was also discovered that she has a less-than-stellar driving record herself, cited at least nine times since 1998 for speeding, speeding in school zones, driving without a license and accidents. Just two weeks prior to her YouTube video, she was involved in an accident, as well.

So far, the police department has had no comment on Ortiz, his behavior or performance as president of the FOP.

Castillo said she’s been trying to lay low.

Corben, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be easing up on Ortiz.


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