Dallas Police Unions Want The Chief Fired

DALLAS, TX – The heads of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization, The Black Police Association, the Dallas Police Association and the Fraternal Order of Police held a joint news conference to again call for the dismissal of Dallas Police Chief David Brown. On Monday Brown suggested reassigning 600 of the departments officers to task forces to address rising crime, and moving many officers to the overnight shifts. Brown says the Governor offered State Troopers to assist Dallas police in the current crime spike, and Brown backed off reassigning officers. Several former Black Police Associations are speaking in defense of the chief. “It’s all an illusion — it’s all a lie,” said Preston Gilstrap, who led the black officer group in 2010 and in the 1980s. “It’s about good assignments, good days off and leave us alone so we can make that extra money.” Gilstrap said the “predominantly white” Dallas Police Association is behind the push to get City Manager A.C. Gonzales to fire Chief Brown. “You can’t make this stuff stick without the black face, and they found the black face,” he said.


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