Police Union Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ With Rampant Violence

ROCHESTER, NY – Police were still on the scene more than 16 hours after an officer-involved shooting along Immel Street in the city.

“These officers were in that specific area because of potential violence and actively seeking an individual who had threatened someone with a gun the week before there was another tragedy,” said Chief Michael Ciminelli of the Rochester Police Department.

Chief Ciminelli said his officers approached two men in a car just after nine o’clock Friday night.

“Both men exited the car as the officer approached. One of the men fired a shot at Officer Ferrigno,” Ciminelli said.

Officer Joseph Ferrigno was not hit. Ciminelli said the eight year veteran on the force fired four shots back, hitting the man at least three times. The other man in the car ran. Police recovered a gun was at the scene and are still searching for the other person that was involved.

“The level of violence that we’ve seen in the last 48 hours is very concerning,” said Mike Mazzeo, president of the Rochester Police Union.

Three men were killed in separate shootings in the city on Thursday. Then a shootout with Rochester Police Friday night.

Mazzeo is now calling for immediate action.

“We need resources to stop this violence. For too long there’s been nothing more than a shell game going on in the city by moving police officers around and giving the appearance that we have enough. We don’t have enough cops on the street,” said Mazzeo.

Mazzeo said Officer Ferrigno is lucky that backup responded almost immediately.

“We don’t need to go through an experience that this city experienced a year and a half ago. Enough is enough, and it’s time to stop,” Mazzeo said.

The suspect that was shot is in the hospital in stable but critical condition.

Officer Ferrigno is on administrative duty pending an internal investigation.

Rochester Police and the District Attorney’s office are working together on the investigation and expect charges to be filed.


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