Appellate Court Orders Mediation On San Antonio Police Contract

SAN ANTONIO, TX – They’re still not talking, so the 4th Court of Appeals is allowing the City of San Antonio to mediate its lawsuit with the San Antonio Police Officers Association.

City Councilman Joe Krier says they’ll need arbitrator with experience in dealing with complicated issues like the union’s “evergreen clause.”

“The University of Texas has a public policy mediation center that provides outstanding objective mediators for big issues like this,” Krier said on the Trey Ware morning show on KTSA.

Police union negotiators refuse to come to the bargaining table unless the City drops its suit against SAPOA.

“A really good mediator finds out what both parties really want, and then brokers an agreement that is fair to both sides,” said Krier.

The “evergreen clause” keeps benefits as they are through 2024 if no new agreement is reached, which Krier says could “bankrupt the city.”

“A lot of the rank and file of the police and fire departments have told me that they realize they’ve got to contribute something to this incredible rising cost of health care,” he said.

He says something’s got to give.

“Or we’re going to have to start closing libraries and parks, and nobody wants to do that,” said Krier


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