Police investigating threat made against FOP president Dan Hils

CINCINNATI, OH — Cincinnati police are investigating a threat made against the president of Cincinnati’s Fraternal Order of Police.

Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz confirmed the investigation into a threat made against Dan Hils on Monday.

“Like any threat to any person, be it a sworn officer or a civilian, we take all of these cases seriously,” Franz said.

District 3 is investigating the threat which appears to have stemmed from a Facebook post Hils made Saturday morning.

On Monday Hils said the threats came via social media came after a post he made addressed to Black Lives Matter demonstrators who were protesting lives lost to police violence.

In the post to Support The Blue In Cincy, Hils brought up the 32 black homicide victims in Cincinnati in 2017.

“Thirty-two black lives taken before their time. Thirty-two black lives taken violently.” Hils wrote. “I wanted to let you know first how many of those black lives lost were in police interventions. Ok, get ready for it……………hold on and take a deep breath……………are you sure that you are ready?……………..Ok, that’s right it is zero (0), not a one, zilch.”

Hils named the victims and suggested protestors add their names to signs they would hold during the march.

“Your CPD knows that all lives matter. How about a sign in support of police officers battling this violence?” Hils wrote.

The post, as of Monday at 2 p.m. had 526 shares and 1,200 likes. Hils said he did not believe his post did not contain anything that would elicit a threat in reply.

From Cincinnati.com

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