Duluth Fire Department One Step Closer To Having Cancer Prevention Gear

DULUTH, MN – Cancer is the leading cause of death among firefighters.

The Duluth Fire Department may be getting closer to their goal to make sure each of the 132 firefighters in operation have the proper gear to help prevent cancer.

When fire crews respond to a fire, they typically get covered with toxic ash from burnt plastic or other synthetic materials.

Duluth Fire Department Chief Dennis Edwards says to limit exposure to those cancer–causing chemicals, each firefighter should have two sets of turnout gear, so they can have clean decontaminated gear for their next call.

Tonight at the Duluth City Council, a new contract will be up for vote that would allow the city to buy 50 more sets of gear.

“I think the council has been aware of out cancer prevention initiatives and I know they support our firefighters,” said Edwards. “So I don’t expect any opposition. Firefighters need gear to do their jobs and our firefighters are very busy.”

The turnout gear cost about $2,400 a pair.

The Duluth Fire Department has a goal to get every firefighter a second set of gear by the end of next year, thanks to Capital Improvement money they’ve received from the city.

From Fox 21 Local News

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