Ashland Fire Chief Announces Resignation In Effort To Prevent Layoffs

ASHLAND, Ore. — UPDATE 8:34 a.m. Wednesday – News 10 has clarified with the Ashland Firefighters Association, the budget committee asked the Fire Department to reduce their budget by an additional $300,000. The Union simply missed a “0” on the end of their post.

After being named the new Ashland Fire & Rescue Chief in late 2017, Mike D’Orazi announced his resignation from the department.

According to the Ashland Firefighters Association, they were informed on Monday that D’Orazi submitted his formal resignation.

“We were informed that he was asked by City Administration to further reduce the Fire Department budget by $300,00 in addition to the proposed $100,000 reduction in Overtime budget,” the association said in a social media posting. “Chief D’Orazi stated this reduction could only be met with firefighter lay-offs.”

The association thanked Chief D’Orazi for his service to Ashland Fire and Rescue and “for taking the ultimate stand against reduction in the number of firefighters protecting the community.”


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