Woodward Police Chief Resigning, Cites Differences With FOP

WOODWARD, Okla. — Woodward Police Chief Curt Terry announced over the weekend he was resigning.

Terry said in an email message that “due to irreconcilable differences with the police union I have decided to leave and write another chapter in my law enforcement career.”

Terry was appointed police chief in 2017.

He said he has accepted a position with Oklahoma’s Law Enforcement Training Council.

“In this amazing position I will be using my skills and experience to provide law enforcement training to officers across the state,” he said.

Terry said he wanted to thank City Manager Alan Riffel, commissioners, staff and members of the community “for the overwhelming confidence and support shown to me during my tenure as police chief.”

According to Riffel, Terry’s resignation will take effect March 2, and Assistant Chief Billy Parker will serve as acting chief until the position is filled.

“Well, clearly we’re disappointed that we have a situation where the police chief has now resigned, but we’re again looking to replace a key position in the city,” Riffel said. “Obviously, we’re going to move forward with some diligence in selecting a successor, but right now we don’t have an established timeline.”

Riffel stressed the importance of finding the right person for the office.

“Unfortunately, Curt Terry and the union had different viewpoints on several issues which we were unable to resolve,” said FOP Lodge 187 President Dan Mathews. “We wish Curt Terry the best in his endeavors.”

Terry or Mathews did not say what the unresolved issues were.

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