SAFD Investigating Firefighter After Fiery Facebook Post Blasts Law Enforcement

An explicit, fiery indictment of law enforcement and first responders on social media by a San Antonio firefighter has led to an investigation by the fire department. 

While SAFD said in a statement that employee messages on personal social media accounts aren’t reflective of the department as a whole, officials say the firefighter in question has been placed on admnistrative duty during the investigation. 

The lengthy Facebook rant condemns police officers who “shoot and murder Black men and women and/or protect those who do,” and states “f*** the police” multiple times. The post comes as the country continues to reckon with systemic racism and protests continue to unfold in American neighborhoods as Black men and woman are shot by police. 

The firefighter also turns his words on his profession, directing explicit criticism at “firefighters that have turned a firehose on a crowd or people.”

“We cannot sit around a fire station and hear racism, sexism, homophobia and hatred, and still have the confidence that these same people will serve the public,” the post also reads. 


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