Veteran Firefighter In Murfreesboro Placed On Leave After Controversial Facebook Post

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WZTV) — FOX 17 News is investigating a Murfreesboro firefighter in trouble for a Facebook post he made Tuesday night.

Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue became aware of a post about the eight Asian women shot and killed at an Atlanta spa, which was made by Joe Pennington. He’s an engineer that’s been with the department since 2004.

In the now-deleted post, Pennington wrote “We lowered the flags for a few Asian prostitutes who was shot by a white man.”

He goes on to say ”If a white American kills anyone of another color it’s racist but the (explicative) Muslim who killed a police officer and 9 others ‘we must ban guns’”.

Pennington goes on to call President Joe Biden a racist and says “I have to teach my son everyone is racist and against us.”

The department became aware of this post after FOX 17 News made them aware of our investigation. They sent the following statement:

The City just learned of the social media post late this morning and is looking into the matter. Murfreesboro’s Fire Rescue Chief has placed the firefighter on paid administrative leave until further notice.

Less than an hour after we received that response, Pennington’s post and Facebook page were deleted. However, FOX 17 News took a screengrab of the post before that happened.

Later in the afternoon, his page was reactivated and Pennington said his Facebook account had been hacked.

But FOX 17 News noted at least one other racially sensitive post that had been made prior to this week.

In addition, Pennington made a sexually offensive comment about Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Murfreesboro firefighters union confirmed Pennington is a member of the union and sent the following statement:

IAFF Local 3035 is a labor organization dedicated to pursuing the best possible wages, hours, and working conditions for our members, particularly when it comes to matters that affect their health and safety. Our membership includes fire fighters from various backgrounds and nationalities, and fire fighters with various opinions on a wide array of social and political issues. No single individual’s comments reflect the values of this organization. Our focus is, and will remain, on the health and safety of all of our members, and the communities we serve.


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