Council Grants Up To $51,000 In Bonuses To Each Police Officer – Champaign, Illinois

The Champaign, Illinois City Council granted a hefty bonus to their police officers at this evening’s City Council meeting.  Upon the execution of the new Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Contract, which was unanimously passed by the Council at the March 1st, 2022 meeting, each police officer employed by the Champaign Police Department will be granted $10,000.  If the officer remains with the Department for three years, they receive another $10,000.

Though the contract is clear that there exists no residency requirement for police officers, any officer who moves to the City of Champaign will receive a $10,000 bonus, plus $7,000 per year, so long as they remain a Champaign resident.  The same residency bonuses are awarded even if an officer who already resides in Champaign moves to a different address within Champaign.

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