MADISON, NH — A Madison Fire/Rescue member resigned Saturday after posting derogatory racial remarks on Facebook.

A reader emailed a screen shot of the offending post, which was allegedly made by a man named Kyle DaRosa. The screen shot of the Facebook page said DaRosa was an EMT with Madison Fire Rescue & Emergency Management.

DaRosa could not be reached for comment on Tuesday, and the profile on which the comments appeared had apparently been taken down.

The comments attributed to DaRosa, which are 3 years old, regarded a news article about riots in Charlotte, N.C. They use the N-word and call for the “extermination of these roaches.” However, the comments also say he “feels bad for decent black folk.”

Calling the remarks “horrible and derogatory,” Madison Fire Chief Richard Clark took to the Madison Fire Rescue & Emergency Management Facebook page Sunday to say that the member in question had resigned.

“AT NO TIME, were, or ever will, any of these remarks ever be supported by any of the officers or members of our department,” said Clark. 

“This member submitted his letter of resignation on Saturday, and was to be terminated if he hadn’t.

“We condemn these racist, and uncalled-for remarks of this nature,” he continued.

“Anyone in public safety should recognize the horrible reflection and uncalled for attention this causes for anyone hurling any racist or disgusting words, of hate by anyone of our community organizations during some of these worst times in ‘OUR AMERICA,'” Clark said.

“These are times that call upon everyone, to care for and help all of our AMERICAN’S each day, the same as we do as, Public Safety First Responders. There is no room in our department’s Police, Fire, EMS, and all of our dispatchers, for those that hate.” 

Judging by the comments it received, Clark’s posting was well-received by the greater Mount Washington Valley community. 

“Well said and good leadership,” replied Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley on Facebook. 

The post also received attention from people as far away as Florida and Nevada.

“This man is not fit to wear ANY uniform and not fit to serve the public,” said Allie Ashmead, whose profile said she’s from Palm Coast, Fla. “He cannot be trusted to do his job without prejudice. He should be terminated.”

Jake De Roches of Nevada said  he screen shots were shared to him by a Facebook group, which he declined to name. He said the group is “dedicated to outing people who are saying/doing/promoting outright racist things.”

DeRoches explained why he feels it’s important to hold first responders to account. “In the case of someone like a firefighter, police officer, EMS, or other first responder … how are these people going to treat someone who they are supposed to be protecting when they hate that person?” he asked.

Someone posting on behalf the Madison Fire Rescue page said offensive comments were posted to Facebook before the now former member joined the department. 

On June 19, Madison Fire Rescue’s page had two other posts addressing the comments. The post at 5:55 p.m. said the “racist, derogatory and unacceptable” comments were made in a “Facebook forum.”

The post of 7:26 p.m. said the member had been “terminated” and “We will not and do not tolerate behavior like this at our Fire Dept.”

Clark clarified to the Sun on Tuesday that the man had resigned and apologized.

The Sun asked if he could confirm the man’s name, which had been circulated and provided to the Sun by a reader, but Clark declined. 

“It’s been taken care of,” Clark said Tuesday. “I’m not going to discuss anything further than that.”

From The Conway Daily Sun