SAN ANTONIO, TX — A 10-year veteran of the San Antonio Fire Department was fired after posting racist and threatening comments and images  on Facebook about the recent protests, according to a news release from the city Thursday. They employee was not identified.

“The City of San Antonio and the SAFD consider these posts absolutely unacceptable and reprehensible,” city officials said the news release. “This type of conduct will not be tolerated, and employees that choose to engage in such behavior will be dealt with swiftly and severely. The City of San Antonio and the SAFD remain committed to protecting the residents and visitors of our diverse, inclusive and multicultural community.”

Officials did not elaborate on the context of the posts.

The termination comes nearly a week after a Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy was suspended for posting racist comments on Facebook.

The deputy, Justin Silva, allegedly posted about “killing people who are rioting, looting, attacking innocent people and burning the city down,” the department’s statement said.

Sheriff Javier Salazar said the strong language was “troublesome for anyone who wears a uniform or badge.”

Silva is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

From The San Antonio Express-News