BRYANT, AR– Last week, we brought you a story about a Bryant Firefighter who was fired over a controversial Facebook post.

The mayor called the post racist and inappropriate then fired the man within hours.

At the time of the original story, we did reach out to Kyle Robertson for interview, but he declined.

On Tuesday, he decided to share his side.

“If this offended you in any way, that is not what it was meant for and I do apologize for that,” said Kyle Robertson, Former Bryant Firefighter.

Kyle Robertson was fired for sharing a Facebook post. The post was a picture of a cotton field with the words, ‘Free BLM shirts, some assembly required’ across the picture.

“Everybody just assumed that ‘Oh, he’s racist’ but that’s not where I came from and that’s not what I believe,” said Robertson, “BLM they are an organization, they have some racist tendencies in their beliefs and what they are portraying out of their organization.”

Robertson said he believes the Black Lives Matter Movement is racist and that the post he shared is open for interpretation.

When asked if Robertson thought the post was racist, he said, “No.” However, the mayor strongly disagrees.

“No, I don’t think its open for interpretation at all. The symbolism was plain and clear. I mean it was a racist comment about the history of the way white people have treated the blacks in history and it’s not right,” said Bryant Mayor Allen Scott.

Scott said the city views the post as racist which is why Robertson was fired and the post doesn’t meet the city standards.

“If your profile shows you as a city employee, you’re still representing the city whether you’re on the clock or not,” said Mayor Scott.

Robertson said the mayor didn’t give him a chance to explain his side before firing him after 11 years with the department.

“Nobody got my side of the story, apparently nobody cared to get my side of the story, if they would have then maybe we could have worked something out,” said Robertson.

The mayor said the post spoke for itself.

While speaking with Robertson FOX16’s Haylee Brooks said, “I’m getting the feeling you still don’t see anything wrong with the post and you just think people took it the wrong way.” Robertson replied, “Yes, that’s exactly where my stance is.”

Brooks also asked Mayor Scott if there was any chance Robertson could be rehired by the city, he said, “No.”

Finally, Brooks asked Robertson if he was planning on filing a complaint or lawsuit, he said he is still figuring that out.