First Thursday, January 2016

In this month’s podcast, Will discusses the reasons why police and fire personnel have lower health care utilization than civilian employees. He also covers the following cases. Boston PD Rank-Ordered Promotions Held Discriminatory, Smith v. City of Boston, 2015 WL 7194554 (D. Mass. 2015) ‘Disrespectful Speech’ May Be Protected By Labor Laws, Borough of Carteret, 42 NJPER ¶ 66 (NJ PERC 2015) Court Rejects ‘Passive Inhalation’ Argument, Bennett v….

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Florida State Troopers Fired, Forced To Retire In Overtime Probe

A dozen Florida Highway Patrol troopers from Tallahassee to Miami were fired, forced to retire or otherwise disciplined after an in-house investigation into whether they were billing the agency for hours they spent working from home, eating at restaurants and visiting girlfriends and relatives. The disciplinary action came as part of a probe into the agency’s Statewide Overtime Action Response program, which is designed to beef up traffic enforcement…

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NY State Police Suspends 13 More DNA Scientists In Cheating Investigation

ALBANY, NY – The State Police is seeking to fire 15 forensic scientists who were implicated in an alleged cheating scandal at the DNA laboratory in Albany. A State Police spokesman issued a statement Tuesday confirming scientists were suspended without pay and issued termination notices following a six-month internal probe that sidelined nearly half the laboratory unit’s DNA analysts. “After a six-month internal investigation into allegations of unauthorized information…

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County Fire Department Audit Finds Cheating In Hiring, Promotions

The Los Angeles County Fire Department found itself Monday engulfed in a growing scandal after auditors uncovered evidence that the type of cheating that undermined the agency’s hiring process extended to promotional exams and other testing requirements, including for skills in emergency medical treatment. The review by the county Auditor-Controller Department audit was launched in response to a Los Angeles Times investigation last year that found that an unusually…

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Court Terms As ‘Excessive’ Officer’s Termination For Untruthfulness

Kim Atchison was a corporal in the Monroe, Louisiana Police Department. Chief Ron Schleuter terminated Atchison for 27 violations of sick-leave policy, not “calling out” on off-duty jobs and lying to the Chief in his office when she stated that she never called to log out after working off-duty jobs. Further investigation showed that Atchison had called out over 100 times during her employment. During a civil service board…

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