Court Upholds Boston Sergeant Exam Even With Adverse Racial Impact

In selecting police officers for promotion to the position of sergeant in 2005 and 2008, the City of Boston and several other Massachusetts communities and state employers adapted a test developed by the State’s Human Resources Division (HRD), charged under state law with creating a selection tool that “fairly test the knowledge, skills and abilities which can be practically and reliably measured and which are actually required” by the…

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African-American Officers Lose Challenge To ‘No-Beards’ Policy

After researching the issue for some time, the Houston Police Department selected the Scott Promask 40 respirator for all patrol officers. Once it was decided that bearded officers could not use the mask, the Department revised its grooming policy to prohibit beards on any uniformed officer, regardless of his medical condition. Under the revised policy, if a uniformed officer is unable to shave, for medical reasons, he is transferred…

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