Police Sergeant’s Texting Leads To Supreme Court Privacy Decision

Of the 75 to 100 decisions the Supreme Court issues each year, only roughly half a dozen involve labor issues. Decisions involving public safety employees are extremely rare, coming up only once every five to ten years or so. It was thus an unusual event that a widely-anticipated case involving how the right to privacy applies to electronic communications involved a police sergeant. Jeff Quon was a sergeant for…

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Employer Required To Develop Policy To Retain Labor Relations E-Mails

Part of the obligation to collectively bargain in good faith is the obligation to share information about grievances. When the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild sought information about a disciplinary grievance, the City refused the Guild’s request, citing, among other things, the fact that it believed that the materials were privileged. An administrative law judge (ALJ) for the Washington Public Employment Relations Commission ruled against the City, finding that the…

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